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Our goal is to help you become comfortable with Platinum and still respect the privacy of our past clients. Actual copies of the handwritten testimonials are available upon request.  Some of these clients have authorized Platinum to release their name and number upon request.


 “We would like to say “Thank you!” and we would recommend your company to anyone in need of such services. All of your personnel that we dealt with were patient and kind and very well informed. We appreciate it how Jenna efficiently and patiently took us through the process, and Lori was helpful in following through on phone calls and questions. And Melissa was very kind and patient with us, as we later had many questions concerning making changes to ALF for my father. She was confident in the information she gave us, which turned out in saving us from making a decision that would possibly have cost my parents thousands of dollars, and we would have ended up having to move my father again. When dealing with such emotional issues is was reassuring to move forward and make decisions based on accurate knowledge. Thank you again.”

Joyce Crowe

“My initial meeting with Platinum was very informative and productive. All questions were answered and the support of the Platinum coordinators was outstanding. The process was completed in a timely fashion with minimal problems once all the required paperwork from us was submitted to Platinum.”

Vincent Deraco

“After having your company recommended by Valencia Hill and making initial contact with your company it has helped me 100% in dealing with my sister’s dementia. Everything that was explained to me came to fruition. All happenings and final acceptance by Medicaid has taken a large burden off our minds for the present. The staff has been excellent in all responses and a special thanks to Elizabeth for special efforts in seeing that all messages were delivered promptly. Again thanks to all staff members. Jo and Vince Deraco”

Christy Gardner

“I would highly recommend Platinum Benefit to anyone needing assistance in financial planning for the long term care of a loved one. I found everyone at Platinum to be extremely helpful, especially Lori, who worked most closely with me in securing Medicaid assistance for my parent. My phone calls and emails were always answered most promptly. I was guided throughout every step of the Medicaid application process by the Platinum Benefit team and I cannot say enough about the prompt, thorough and friendly service I received from Platinum Benefit.”

Lucia Belfiore

“It was a blessing to find Platinum Benefit to help and assist us in filling out papers and directing us each step of the way.”

Donald Jordan

“We are very pleased Mrs. Red did a great job in a very critical time. We are very grateful for her professional manor and dedication in keeping us moving forward. Thanks. Donald and Janice Jordan for (Betty Van Gorden)”

David Kerr

“Platinum Benefit made the Medicaid process a breeze. Jenna Newton was so helpful in telling is exactly what to do and when to open accounts and when to transfer money mom was approved in record time. We have already recommended Platinum Benefit to our aunt.”

Robert Stirratt

“I would readily recommend Platinum Benefit, Inc. to anyone. Platinum Benefit, and in particular, Jenna Prosser, provided a level of expertise in Medicare/Medicaid matters that would take an ordinary citizen years to obtain. Their expertise and professional handling of my particular situation saved my mother-in-law tens of thousands of dollars. As stated above, Mrs. Prosser was primarily responsible for the unfailing courteous, caring, and comprehensive case management.”

Charlotte Larkins

I am very happy with the service provided. The folks are kind, considerate, and EXTREMELY patient with me. Answering all questions with explanation until I understand. Jenna is an angel to me!”

Gene Woolverton

“My experience with Platinum Benefit was in regards to Medicaid for relative. After relative had been in a facility regarding health and using all of personal funds, we were given a business card of a representative for Platinum Benefit, I called and within minutes, we had an appointment. The comment was: from P.F.-“We wish you had called us before your finances were used up” and my response was:”We wish we had known of P.B. before.” The whole process worked well and with the expertise of Jenna Newton, our needs were approved by Dept. Children & Families, State of Florida. (Thanks to you people)”

Sally Matthews

“I found that everyone from Platinum Benefit Planning Inc. to be most helpful and so knowledgeable about their services. They made our problems seem so easy to handle which they done so well. I surely would recommend their services to anyone I know that needs their help. I feel that Lori Red* really made our decisions much easier for us. Thank you so much.”

Patricia Kirkland

“Having never been through a situation like this was at first overwhelming in respect to all the required information needed to qualify our mother for Medicaid. Your professional expertise in handling each phase of this process was excellent. Also, your patience with you was awesome! Thank you.”

Sandra Poole

“Jenna was great to work with! I felt confident my grandmother Loretta Hollingsworth would be approved under Medicaid and she was. Jenna and Lori both were great at answering any questions I had in a timely manner!”

David Reynolds

“My overall experience with Platinum is/was excellent. My first visit after my initial consult was not good. The representative was obliviously not prepared and I did not think this was going to work. (this was not Lori Red) As far as Lori, she is very personable, considerate and professional. She did her best to get the information that she needed to file. Personally, I think the cost for services are high, but not having ever done this before maybe it’s not. Just my personal opinion. Bottom Line-I appreciate the service and help Platinum has provided our family in some very different and trying times. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone else.”

J T Roberts, Jr

“I don’t know what I would have done if it had not been for Platinum Benefit Planning. I could not have made it without them. They are excellent in what they do.”

Donald Smith

“Lori was the best. She was always there to answer any questions I had. I could never have got this done without Platinum and Lori. Thanks again for all your help.”

Carol Szabo

“I was given Platinum Benefit Planning’s name and information after my uncle fell and could no longer live on his own. Initially, I intended to handle my uncle’s affairs myself. After all, my mother spent the last 2 1⁄2 years in a nursing home in Illinois and I had handled her placement. I was wrong. I soon found myself overwhelmed with the prospect of trying to preserve my uncle’s hard earned assets and getting him the care he needed. I never could have maneuvered my way through the Medicaid mass of paperwork without the help of P.F. Planning. I never would have been able to protect my uncle’s assets without their help. It was well worth the money spent and I highly recommend them.”

George Varney

“Processing and application for MEDICAID is a long and difficult process. From the initial interview with the owner of Platinum Benefit when all the options was discussed and the plan was laid out for the application process was decided it was evident all would the details of the process would go according to the plan. Jenna Prosser, Medicaid Coordinator, for Platinum Benefit proved to be very efficient and well informed in all the details that had to be processed and the actions was accomplished in a timely fashion. With all the frustrations that come with this type of applications she was always calm and very pleasant and she was a pleasure to work with.”

Jacqueline Saunders

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Platinum Benefit for all your help in getting my husband approved for Medicaid to help with his Nursing Home care. The whole procedure was made so much easier to deal with and with your expertise in Benefit and Asset Protection I was able to maintain more of our estate than I thought possible. Your Medicaid professionals made an overwhelming situation much easier to deal with.”

Jean Schmitt

“From our very first meeting, everyone at Platinum was professional, respectful and patient with every member of our family. They explain that they were working hard to place my brother on Medicaid and walked us through the things we didn’t understand. I would recommend Platinum to everyone. Thank you Tony, Jenna, Melissa, Kathy, Lori and Elizabeth for all of your support and guidance. Jean R. Schmitt, Plant City, Florida”

Trilby Ann Severance

“I was welcomed by everyone there and I was made to be calm and not nervous! They ease my mind about getting this process. Jenna was and has been the greatest. When I have questions she answered them quickly and efficiently!”

Donald Hudson

“Service better than expected. Lori Red is very knowledgeable and explains everything in detail. I would highly recommend Platinum Benefit to everyone.”

Patricia A. Carter

“I found the coordinator very knowledgeable and helpful with regard to all requirements and materials needed for my mother to become eligible for Medicaid.”

Thomas Howard

“Jenna, Tony, Elizabeth, and Melissa did an outstanding job. They are the best and the brightest in their occupations. Always there for you and very caring in difficult times. I recommend them highly.”

Maria Brooks

“Jenna Prosser was excellent! She made a very difficult situation manageable. She provided me with additional assistance with a difficult family member. I would recommend Platinum Benefit to anyone looking for Medicaid assistance.”

Mary Morris

“Jenna Prosser was a life savor. We would never of gotten through all the process without her and the other’s help. Always answered our questions right away. Took care of us as much as she did all the paper work. We really really thank Jenna and Lori for their hand work getting us through very trying time.”

Laura O’Kane

“I Laura H. O’Kane is very satisfied with my experience with Platinum Benefit Planning, Inc. I would be very happy to have Jenna Prosser on my side any time. Thank you so much for all your help. “

Betty Flood

“After many denials for Medicaid, Mr. Tony Turbeville president of Platinum Benefit was asked to review Eileen’s information so see if he could help. He called and talked about Eileen. Mr. Turbeville assured me that indeed he could help and from there his assistants took over with Eileen’s case. I complied with the request for information and/or to do what was ask of me to get the needed requirements to get her on Medicaid. Whenever I called to see how things were going if the assigned assistant was busy, my call was answered in a timely manner. I just received confirmation that Eileen had been approved for Medicaid Institutional Care. I am so grateful to Mr. Turbeville and his staff at Platinum Benefit for finally getting Medicaid care for Eileen. They truly are the experts for Medicaid. So, thank you for more than works can say from a very worried care giver when it seemed that Eileen was not going to get help.”

Cheryl Wasnick

“I cannot thank Jenna and Lori enough for all the help and information they gave us. They answered all our questions in a timely manner. They walked us through the things we didn’t understand, and told us just what we had to do. My brother was accepted by Medicaid. It was well worth the money just for that, not to mention the money we did save. We would recommend Platinum Benefit to everyone.”

Lee McDonald

“We could not be more pleased with Platinum Benefit Planning, Inc. Our first contact was with Tony Turbeville who reviewed our case before deciding if Platinum could help us, since there was a trust involved. Then our case was turned over to Lori Red. She was awesome!! Phone calls and emails were returned within 24 hours. Our difficult case was settled and Platinum is still available for any further questions.

Edith Picallo

“Platinum Benefit Planning, Inc. was very efficient and very courteous. They made managing this difficult situation easier. I would recommend them to any of my friends. With much appreciation.”

Steve Petrov

“We have been very pleased with the customer assistance provided by Platinum Benefit. The people that we dealt with were professional and very helpful. All our questions and concerns were answered in a timely manner. We have no regrets in choosing Platinum Benefit and would recommend them to anyone.”

Keith Moats

“My experience with Platinum Benefit has been all that I expected. Working with them has been great. I had very little knowledge as to what would be needed to help my ill aging parents for their financial protection. Tony and his staff were always there and very helpful. I will not hesitate to call them for future assistance. Special thanks to Lori and Kathy.”

Eva J Madden

I had no knowledge of this program but it was suggested by a friend. I met with Jennifer Wade (with two family members) & we were sold on the program. However, I did not anticipate how complicated it would be. Without Jennifer’s guidance, I could not have done all the requirements. I’m certain that many of my questions & concerns that seemed so disastrous to me, Jennifer always had the answer & was sp patient in explaining the answer to me. This program has been a blessing for my husband & me. He is in a safe & secure surrounding being well cared for. Many thanks to all at Platinum Benefit, especially Jennifer Wade & their excellent professionalism.

Judith A Stevens

We were very pleased with the service provided by Platinum Benefit. You did good. Thank you. Jennifer Wade, sales consultant, worked hard and was a real encourager in getting us through the process. Jenna Prosser, coordinator, kept us on target with required deadlines. Thanks to all for getting us through this process.

Ed Wonorski

I would have been lost trying to deal with the government without the help and advice from Platinum Benefit Planning. They did an excellent job with my problems

Jeffrey Smart

Platinum Benefits does an excellent job and I would refer them to anyone for services. The staff at Platinum Benefits is very well trained, knowledgeable & skilled in their jobs. They return calls & emails promptly and are an exceptional group of people to deal with. They produce what they say they will and this is important in today’s world.

Kenneth Shelton

Everything went smooth. Platinum did a great job.

Joseph Salamone

I got into a serious time crunch as I tried to get my mother qualified for Medicaid. Patti Frederick from PBP came to my rescue. Time was short but she told me what I needed to do to get it done. I then worked closely with Eva Leveson (Medicaid Processor) during the week of Christmas. The timing could not have been worse but I was able to get them what I needed and it all worked out. Eva is amazing to work with. This is scary stuff. Leave it to the professionals at PBP.

James Stevens

Lori Red and Jennifer Wade did an excellent job for me

Patricia Mercado

Overall this was a positive experience. I felt during the initial process I received good information and assistance. Lori is very knowledgeable and explained all she needed clearly. She always answered emails and calls. During the actual Medicaid application, it did take longer for Jennifer and Lori to answer. But I felt the important thing was that they got my dad approved and that was miraculous. Thanks!

James Shelton

All staff members that assisted us with my Mother’s account were always professional, courteous and prompt. Their knowledge and recommendations were sound in making our difficult process simple

Fedricka Samms

Excellent services provided by the Platinum Benefit’s team. Thanks!

Doris A Otte

Jennifer Wade and Renee Tripp were extremely helpful and took care of everything for me.

Virgil Trump

Lori Red did a great job for the needs of my Mother.

Mary Reid

I can’t say enough about the service provided especially by Dina. She calmed my nerves and explained everything so I could understand what was going on. Everyone is very pleasant and friendly to work with. You company was a God send for Fred & me. Thank you again!

Deana Carr

Platinum Financial was very helpful and efficient while going thru the process of enrolling mu mother in Medicaid. Melissa and Lori were never too busy to answer questions, return mu phone calls, or make phone calls on my behalf. At first, I wasn’t sure if I should spend the money to hire an outside service for the Medicaid paperwork. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It was all handled efficiently, and made my life much less stressful than it could have been.

Nancy Brown

Platinum was amazing! They were so helpful with the entire process. Rob was informative and when he didn’t know the answer – he would find out immediately. Eva was also extremely helpful. We cannot say Thank You enough to Rob & Eva for their outstanding customer service.

John Davis

From the first meeting with Tony, I felt very confident he could help me with the painful task of dealing with Medicaid. Lori Red handled all the paperwork. She was the best. Right on top of everything. I felt she went above & beyond for me and my family. Was very patient explaining everything in detail. Please feel free to use me as a reference for any future clients. I would be very happy to tell them how much you did for me.

Donna Forman

I was ecstatic that Medicaid approval was received only 20 days after Lori filed. Thank you so much, Lori! Your guidance has been extraordinary

Amy Jenkins

Platinum Benefit was a wonderful company to deal with at such a difficult time in my parent’s life. They were very professional, but made us feel so at ease with all that had to be accomplished. They helped us make sure everything was handled in a timely manner. Dealing with Loris was a joy! She was patient, organized, and on top of everything that was needed to obtain the necessary paperwork we needed to receive their Medicaid benefits.

Many, many more available upon request!

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