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Medicaid Institutional Care Professionals, LLC (Medicaid ICP) is a cooperative group of Elder Care Professionals with various specialties assembled to assist families through the complicated maze of the Florida Nursing Home and Assisted Living Medicaid system commonly known as the Medicaid Institutional Care Program. Medicaid Institutional Care Professionals, LLC consists of Attorneys, Medicaid Application processing specialists, Certified Public Accountants, Geriatric Care Managers, Home Health professionals, Licensed Life Insurance agents among many other Elder Care professionals. Together, the cooperative group offers a collective resource for the family that simplifies the process of Medicaid Asset Protection Planning and Medicaid Application processing.


If you are searching for the solution to the high cost of Nursing Home care for yourself, a client, or a loved one, you have come to what we believe to be the most useful website on the internet.  We won’t confuse you with any programs that don’t solve this specific problem.  We won’t mislead you, bait you, or attempt to force you into an appointment.  What we will do, is give you a solid understanding of the ground rules of what is commonly referred to as “Medicaid Crisis Planning” AND we will help you understand why choosing the correct attorney is important AND why an attorney that does the "legal work" AND also processes applications may not be your best solution.  Medicaid Planning is not the only important part of the Medicaid approval process.  Correct Medicaid Planning is important BUT application processing is the final, complicated, and crucial step to obtaining nursing home payments from Medicaid.  Improper timing of plan execution, careless paperwork, missed deadlines, and failure to know the way around, under, over, and through the bureaucratic maze can be the “kiss of death” for any Medicaid application.

“Medicaid Planning” in Florida is the domain of attorneys only.  Asset and income protection strategy implementation and Application Processing however, are “key” to obtaining the all-important “APPROVED” status for Medicaid Institutional Care Program benefits.  This website is dedicated to providing meaningful information to individuals and also providing those individuals with referrals to attorneys that provide Medicaid Planning, document recommendation, and document preparation, but then leave the strategy implementation and application processing to Platinum Benefit Services, Inc.  Platinum's tagline is “The Processing Professionals” which is exactly what they are. Plaitnum staff works with attorneys to get both simple and complex asset and income protection cases through the Medicaid system quickly and efficiently so you can focus on your loved one or client.


Whether you are an individual, family member, CPA, Insurance Agent, Stockbroker, Home Health Care Professional, Assisted Living Professional, Geriatric Care Manager, Doctor, Nurse, or any other professional dealing with elderly clientele, this website should be your go to resource to get fast and effective solutions for yourself or your client, regardless of geographical local within Florida (currently limited to the State of Florida).


By clicking through the portals on the right in the blue column (if you are on a computer) or further down the page (if you are on a mobile device), you will be able to access a simplified data entry system that, while general in the information it gathers, will on a preliminary basis determine if professional assistance is likely needed.  If so, you can contact Medicaid ICP to get the process started. 

Medicaid Institutional Care Professionals, LLC (MICP) is a virtual company dedicated to joining quality Medicaid application processing companies with attorneys that understand and recommend both simple and complex Medicaid Planning concepts, recommend and draft appropriate legal documents to carry out the plan AND also understand the wisdom of having a Medicaid application processing company carry out the tedious plan implementation and application process.

MICP is a direct result of the 2015 Florida Supreme Court Opinion on the Unlicensed Practice of Law in Medicaid Planning.

Since the vast majority of attorneys that practice Elder Law do not limit their practice exclusively to Medicaid Planning those attorneys often do not have a "well oiled machine" in place to process applications through the complexities of the Department of Children and Families.  MICP recognized the need to help consumers get the best of both worlds  1) attorneys with the legal skill and training to recommend appropriate asset protection strategies, recommend and draft legal documents  AND 2) the application processing expertise of a company dedicated to processing Medicaid Institutional Care Program applications.

By educating the consumer on the general concepts of paying for long term care and then directing the consumer to a quality application processing company working at the direction of an attorney hired by you, we believe and our experience shows that the likelihood of timely and accurate Medicaid approval is substantially increased.

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