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Medicaid Institutional Care Professionals, LLC (Medicaid ICP) welcomes affiliations with a wide range of professionals that serve the elderly. Professionals such as Investment Advisors, Stockbrokers, Insurance Agents, Certified Public Accountants, Certified Financial Planners, Geriatric Care Managers, Home Health Care Employees, Assisted Living Discharge Planners, Church Leadership, Bankers, Trust Officers, Assisted Living Placement Agents, Realtors, and others can benefit from broadening the services offered to their clientele. 

Over the years, non-attorney elder professionals have often experienced a serious void in quality choices when considering Medicaid qualification attorneys.  Referring clients to attorneys that do not have a well thought out and specific communication process has often resulted in a host of problems.  Medicaid ICP solves this problem for both the attorney and the referring professional by utilizing Platinum Benefits Services, Inc. and its robust technology infrastructure to communicate with all concerned parties on an automated basis.  Proper client authorization is required for information to be shared.  Platinum is HIPAA compliant and takes client confidentiality seriously.

The plan implementation and application experts at Platinum Benefit Services, Inc. have assumed the responsibility of communication with the referring professional and will not only respect existing client relationships, but will also nurture these relationships by providing the tools to assist families through what, in most instances, is a difficult, stressful time.  Communication about process status, the need for financial products, real estate, tax assistance, application status, and other meaningful information will be provided regularly, and on an automated basis, and also as needed on a personal basis from Platinum Benefit Services, Inc., assuming proper client authorization.

In short, Medicaid ICP will help validate the value of the Affiliated Professional's service and promote a continued client relationship.

Our Affiliated Professionals enjoy the benefits of:

  • Substantially broadening their knowledge base in the area of Medicaid Long Term Care benefits, Medicaid Asset Protection and Medicaid application processing.
  • Immediately being a part of an organization with over 20 years experience, and a staff with well over 100 years of combined experience of successfully implementing Medicaid Asset Protection Strategies.
  • NO fees, dues, or licensing requirements of any kind
  • Online and simplified software to initiate and assist the Medicaid qualification process.
  • Compensation, charitable donation, or compensation refusal (professional's choice) for their part in the process.
  • Confidence knowing that the client will receive quality Asset Protection Planning and the industry best in Medicaid application processing.
  • Continued client and client family relationships.
  • Adding an additional service offered without any capital investment, staffing, overhead or expenses and limited additional education.


You should "Join Our Team" if:

  • You have, or may have, clients that have the need for Long Term Nursing Home Care.
  • You desire to be involved in the process when a referral is made.
  • You desire to maintain your relationship with the referred client and family.
  • You desire to broaden your knowledge about Nursing Home Medicaid.
  • You desire to be compensated for your efforts either directly or to a charity of your choice.
  • You desire to have confidence in the professionals to whom you refer your clients.


The process of joining our team is simple. Just click the "Join Our Team" button below and complete the basic information. You will be contacted no later than close of business on the next business day for a mutual question and answer session so both parties may determine if an affiliation is advantageous to the client and all involved professionals.


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