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How long does it take to get Medicaid?

The application process can be very complex and time consuming, especially when asset and/or income protection strategies are involved.  An application for Medicaid, handled incorrectly, can take many months, to complete.  Handled correctly, the application should be approved in 30 - 45 days.  There are exceptions for various reasons, but rarely should an application take more than 90 days.  Keep in mind, if the assets and income were properly handled, the application will be approved beginning the first of the month for which the application was filed.  For example, if an application is filed on March 31st but approval is not granted until May 23rd, the approval would begin March 1st.

It is important to understand the timing of an application when accessing Medicaid funds. For example, the application referred to above, submitted on March 31st, would be eligible for one more month of benefits than an application filed on April 1st.  Further, among many other reasons, missing a deadline for submitting additional requested information can cause an application denial.  Having an expert application processing company like Platinum Benefit Services, Inc. complete a Medicaid application on your behalf, advocate for application approval, and follow the application through to final approval can save your family tens of thousands of dollars.