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Platinum Benefit Services, Inc. has obtained Medicaid approvals more than 6,000 times since 1996. 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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Application Processing

Platinum Benefit Services, Inc. is committed to helping families gain maximum government benefits for Long Term Care and also providing compassion, cheerfulness, and application expertise.  Since 1996, we have helped over 6,000 families qualify for Medicaid and VA benefits while strategically protecting an estimated $700 million in assets in conjunction with appropriate legal counsel.

Platinum works diligently to process all types of long term care applications including complex nursing home applications for families who employ high end asset protection strategies. At Platinum, we’re professionals in asset protection plan implementation and application processing for Statewide Medicaid Managed Care benefits (Medicaid Institutional Care Program).  This is the benefit most commonly considered for substantial or total financial assistance for nursing home care.  However, this program also includes benefits for other types of long term care such as Home Health Care and Assisted Living Care. 



  • You feel that your family's assets are at risk
  • You or a family member have worked too hard to simply lose the money on the cost of long term care
  • You’re looking to save the family assets legally, ethically and strategically


Then, You’ve come to the right place!


The following testimonials are provided primarily by legal representatives of applicants, applicants themselves, and in some limited cases family members without legal authority but who were immersed in the Medicaid application process.  These testimonials are documented and on file at Platinum Benefit Services, Inc. and are available upon written request.  No one was paid for these voluntary testimonials.  There are currently well over 200 testimonials on file and the number grows almost weekly!  Please click "Read More Testimonials" to obtain a full appreciation of the standards Platinum holds itself to.

"I was given Platinum’s name and information after my uncle fell and could no longer live on his own. Initially, I intended to handle my uncle’s affairs myself. After all, my mother spent the last 2 ½ years in a nursing home in Illinois and I handled her placement. I was wrong. I soon found myself overwhelmed… I never could have maneuvered my way through the Medicaid maze of paperwork without the help of Platinum. It was well worth the money spent and I highly recommend them."

C. Szabo Naperville, IL

"Platinum did a great and professional job in getting and receiving Medicaid for our Mom. Lori’s assistance and knowledge made us feel better about the problems we were facing. The staff at Platinum was and continues to be helpful with every visit and phone call. Without Platinum and their staff the process would not have been possible. Thank you so much!"

E. Peavey Ft. Meade, FL

"Platinum was very helpful and efficient while going though the process of enrolling my mother in Medicaid. Melissa and Lori were never too busy to answer questions, return my phone calls or make phone calls on my behalf. At first, I wasn’t sure if I should spend the money to hire an outside service for the Medicaid paperwork. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It was all handled efficiently, and made my life much less stressful than it could have been."

D. Carr Rochester, MN

"Jenna has been very professional. She knows what she is doing and has made me feel like I could ask questions (which I certainly have) without feeling stupid or an inconvenience. The receptionists, whether on the phone or in person, have been very courteous and professional as well. Most importantly, Platinum sorted through the overwhelming mountain of issues that had accumulated to stand in my Mom’s way of getting Medicaid and helped us find a way to get her there. I couldn’t be more thankful. You have been a God send."

J. Burrows Lakeland, FL

"Platinum has proven their skill (synonym to actual word used) in regard to seniors and their unique circumstances, and they have also proven themselves in the areas of compassion and care for those they serve. They’ve done right by everyone I have pointed their way."

R. Brock Lakeland, FL
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A Message from Antony L. Turbeville
President, Platinum Benefit Services, Inc.

These are just a few of the hundreds of testimonials available from more than 6,000 happy customers. We believe ourselves to be the most customer oriented, results focused firm in the Medicaid Application Processing business. Not only do we work hard to fix normal problems, we are sometimes hired to fix problems created by others who have incorrectly handled the Planning (yes, including unqualified attorneys) and/or application process.  Gaining Medicaid benefits is a very technical process that many people don’t understand. We understand it, work with it, and get your application through the bureaucratic maze.

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We’re so sure we’ll be successful that we put in writing our refund policy – If we can’t accomplish what we say, we will refund your fee in full. To our knowledge no one else in the business does that.

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