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Long Term Care Insurance

If your loved one was blessed enough to financially afford and savvy enough to purchase a Long-Term Care Policy, then you are one of the fortunate few.  As with many insurance products, Long-Term Care Insurance is something most people don't consider until it is needed. Those that do, understood at an early age the devastating impact the cost of Long Term Care can have on the resources of a family.

Good news awaits you if your loved one is one of those few who purchased Long-Term Care Insurance. By purchasing the Long-Term Care policy, your loved has provided an income source that can substantially assist the family when a nursing home stay occurs. Options are available to the family that are not commonly considered by the family or most attorneys.

There are many options available:

  • Potential Income for the Community Spouse.
  • Offset the costs associated with Medicare co-payments.
  • Other potential benefits that may be available to your family beyond simply paying the direct costs of Long Term Care.


Before simply assigning or paying over the benefits of the policy to the Nursing Home, it is in your best interest to speak to one of the Medicaid Asset Protection Attorneys you will find on this site. While, Long-Term Care policies certainly can assist in defraying the costs associated with Long Term Nursing Care, other options are available.


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